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It’s all too much. There’s work stress to contend with, household chores to get done, child wrangling, and relationship tending, and—oh yeah—that whole pandemic situation. You’ve hit the limit: the wall.

For better or worse, the only way out of your present wall-scape is to smash your way through it. It’s time to reclaim your time. And you can do that by getting in control of your schedule.

As the entrepreneur, business coach, and Launch Your Inner Entrepreneur author Charlene Walters writes in a recent blog post on Medium: “You, and you alone, are the one who must take action…

The psychological benefits of solving someone else’s problems

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The other day, someone I follow on Twitter posted an open offer: If anyone in New York City had an elderly relative who needed help signing up for their Covid vaccine online, they’d be happy to lend a hand. I thought of my own grandmothers, who are both 91 and rely on a network of kids and grandkids to navigate the digital labyrinths of modern life. Then I thought of elders who don’t have this kind of support, and the relatives who may not be able to offer it.

It all dredged up a feeling I barely recognized, this online…

On Tuesday morning, the NAACP, Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-Mississippi), and the civil rights law firm Cohen Milstein Sellers & Toll filed a lawsuit against former President Donald Trump, Rudy Giuliani, and two White supremacist groups over their roles in the January 6 coup attempt at the U.S. capitol.

As Politico reports, the suit alleges that Trump and Giuliani conspired, in tandem with the Proud Boys and Oath Keepers, to incite the January 6 mob to keep Congress from certifying the results of the 2020 presidential election. …

You’re not the only person who’s eager to reconnect

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Early last year, I went on a first friend-date with a woman who lived in my neighborhood. We’d determined a mutual affinity for rude jokes on Twitter, and decided to take our potential friendship to the next level. It was a little awkward, as all first dates tend to be, but we had a rapport. We made loose plans to hang out again soon, and it seemed plausible that we’d follow through on them — though truthfully, it was just as likely that we’d let things fizzle out, the way so many budding potential friendships do.

At any rate, you…

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Between the 1970s and the 1990s, former Chicago police commander Jon Burge headed up a “Midnight Crew” of officers that terrorized the Black population of Chicago’s South Side. Now, a new online archive examines Burge’s legacy of “violence and terror” in depth.

An initiative of Chicago’s South Side journalism nonprofit, the Invisible Institute, the Chicago Police Torture Archive includes more than 100,000 pages of case documents that detail the allegations against Burge and his crew. The website also includes interviews with some of the more than 100 Black men who were brutalized under Burge’s command.

“This archive documents the persistence…

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Lauren Oyler on the Millennial long con of simply being alive

“People often say my generation values authenticity,” remarks the unnamed narrator of Lauren Oyler’s new novel, Fake Accounts. It’s the kind of statement that begs to be read wryly under most circumstances, including those of Oyler’s narrator — who, in the wake of Donald Trump’s election as U.S. president, has discovered her boyfriend’s clandestine double life as a popular alt-right conspiracy theorist on social media. Eventually, she becomes an online con artist of sorts, too.

Oyler doesn’t have her protagonist put a name to “my generation” until much later. But she doesn’t need to. Millennials — having been formed by…

The officers were called to the child’s home following a report of ‘family trouble’

The Rochester, New York, police department has released body camera footage of a nine-year-old Black girl being restrained, handcuffed, and pepper-sprayed by officers last week.

The officers were called to the child’s home following a report of “family trouble,” and she was taken into police custody. When the child resisted physical restraint, police retaliated by pepper-spraying the girl.

CNN reports:

At one point, one officer says, “You’re acting like a child,” to which the girl can be heard responding, “I am a child!”

Later in the video, a female officer is seen talking to the girl, eventually saying, “This is…

‘I don’t think this is a case of Black paranoia for a minute’

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The day after President Trump’s 2016 election victory, crimes based on race and ethnicity spiked. Despite a new administration in the White House four years later, the recent Trump-incited White supremacist breach of the Capitol remains seared into the public consciousness. And some Black Americans are nervous to travel their own country, evoking memories of the Jim Crow South—the era of sundown towns and the Green Book guide.

Ray Jones, a Colorado man, says in “Traveling While Black,” a new Washington Post feature: Based on recent events in [Charlottesville] and the climate in America, I will not feel comfortable traveling…

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Remember what it was like to feel? To experience the full spectrum of human emotion in sensible proportion to the rhythms of daily life? To respond to good news with a rush of joy instead of just a sad, half-assed unclenching?

If you’re nodding knowingly as you read, from the emotional equivalent of a soundproofed closet, rest assured that you’re not alone. This numbness—and apathy, alienation, and unbridled irritation with everything and everyone—is emotional exhaustion. It’s one of the pillars of burnout as defined in the Maslach Burnout Inventory, and a byproduct of prolonged stress. …

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The other night I dreamed that I was at a corporate offsite dinner, in a reality unaltered by viral pathogens, when Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen spotted me out at the restaurant and enlisted my company. They wanted to buy smoothies. “Perfect, we can commiserate over turning 35,” I thought to myself. It was the only dream detail with factual integrity, our common year of birth and my stress about it.

Off with the Olsens I went. But I didn’t want to chat about smoothies, or whatever else passes for small talk in my subconscious. I wanted to talk about The…

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