Merged, color-coded Gmail calendars, where have you been all my life?

At any given point in time, I usually have three active inboxes tied to three separate email accounts with, of course, a corresponding calendar for each. One is my primary work email, the one that’s linked to whatever full-time job I might have or major client that I’m doing a…

She recalled the wise words of her father

I’ve been writing a lot lately about the Great Resignation. This past week alone, I’ve spoken to psychologists and management professors, recruiters and therapists. And, of course, people who have quit their jobs. In all these conversations, I’ve picked out a recurring theme: purpose.

This is what literally everyone has…

Video game cheat codes don’t work in real life

Conversations about improving productivity tend to be framed in terms of systems: easy tricks, simple habits, everyday tweaks, hacks. To be productive, by this logic, means being wise to the implicitly universal mechanisms that make productivity possible, then summoning the discipline to put them into place. …

Kelli María Korducki

Currently: Writer, editor, author at-large | Recently: Senior Books Editor @ Forge

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