22 things I won’t be doing this year as I continue working from home

Kelli María Korducki
1 min readJan 1, 2022
Item 11, part one
  1. Scrolling my phone before I get out of bed
  2. Checking email before I have at least half a cup of coffee
  3. Eating breakfast standing up
  4. Eating breakfast sitting down, while working
  5. Working without a midday break
  6. Letting the day get dark without going outside first
  7. Letting the day get dark without showering
  8. Doing any amount of work before I’ve brushed my teeth
  9. Failing to budget time for empty weekday museum visits
  10. Failing to budget time for empty weekday matinees
  11. Failing to budget time for weekday ocean swims, weather permitting
  12. Not getting a password saver thingy and using it
  13. Buying new pants
  14. Ditto socks!
  15. Working from bed
  16. Eating from bed
  17. Taking Zoom meetings from bed, even if it isn’t obvious (hint: it’s always obvious)
  18. Further destroying my neck with the whole laptop-on-pillow-on-lap setup
  19. Not doing laundry during the workday
  20. Not setting-it-and-forgetting-it (aka Instant Pot meal prep) during the workday
  21. Listening to podcasts that I want to enjoy but simply cannot
  22. Making 22-item lists; on any given day, two tasks will usually suffice
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